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Authorities Sift Through Aaron Hernandez’s Tattoos To See What Gangs He Can’t Be Near In Prison

aaron hernandez tattoos gang

Blood is thicker than water, but is it thicker than ink? How about ink that says BLOOD? Might as well wear a light up hat that says “PLEASE IMPLICATE IN MURDER.”

NFLWeird But True

Moron Gives Himself A Steeler’s Logo Tattoo By Writing “Steeers” On His Leg

Let’s Go Steeers! What are those? Like, cows or something? People are morons.


Spanish Dude Gets WBC Logo Tattoo At The MLB Fan Cave

Thanks for your interest in our sport, Josep Juaneda Josa, even though your team lost all of its first round match ups. (Not sure what they’ll be more startled by when he gets back: his tattoo, or his explanation of what the MLB Fan Cave is.) Video of this terrible decision unfolding at the Cave, after the jump.

NCAA Football

Does Johnny Manziel Have The Texas Longhorns Logo Tattooed On His Abs? (PHOTO)

You might notice something strange about this photo of Johnny Manziel in Cabo, which Busted Coverage first got their hands on: yes, that is what appears to be a tattoo of the Texas Longhorns logo on his abs.

NCAA Football

It’s About Time That Someone Got A “Sons Of Saban” Tattoo On His Back

You see what he did here, right? There’s “Sons Of Anarchy,” that popular FX TV show, and there’s [insert crazy Alabama fan] willing to do [insert crazy thing] to show his support. The result was a mildly clever “Sons Of Saban” moniker, and a wildly only-in-the-SEC tattoo.

MLBWeird But True

Elvis Andrus Was Scratched From A Spring Training Game With Tattoo Soreness

I don’t know from getting tattoos, but apparently the process hurts like a bitch. As for Elvis Andrus, his new ink spans from his left shoulder to his elbow. Getting it must have hurt like the dickens (“the dickens” is slightly above “a bitch” on the pain scale). It caused him such discomfort that his manager Ron Washington was forced to scratch him from the lineup in today’s bout with the Indians.


Rex Ryan Has A Tattoo On His Arm Of His Wife In A Mark Sanchez Jersey

Rex Ryan, who skipped his league-mandated media session to end the season and is instead at the Atlantis in the Bahamas, was photographed without his shirt by the New York Daily News. Looking rather svelte, by the way. It’s just that tattoo. We need to talk to him about it.

MLBWeird But True

Please Let This Tigers Logo Tattoo/Carving Somehow Not Be Real

The Old English “D” that serves as the Detroit Tigers’ logo is so recognizable that many Tigers fans have had it tattooed on them. Some just have a plain “D,” while others have gone more all-out. But no one else has gone this all out. At least, we hope not. If you do not like blood, do not click through.

NFLWeird But True

In Honor Of The Worst Steelers Tattoo Ever, A Few Of The Other Worst Tattoos In NFL Fan History

Several hours ago, a Steelers tattoo made its way to Reddit. But this was no ordinary Steelers tattoo – this was the worst Steelers tattoo anyone has ever received. And it got us thinking – what about some of the other horrifying ways NFL junkies commemorate their fandom?

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