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MLBNot Sports RelatedVideo

UH-OH: John Rocker Going On Survivor With A Gay Couple

Rocker’s reality TV debut is brought to you by TerribleIdeas.com, home of shit gum and the hot refrigerator.

2014 World CupSoccerVideoWeird But True

Animatronics Messi Will Give You Nightmares For Days (VIDEO)

In America, we hire former athletes for pregame shows to break down the Xs and Os before a pivotal match. Not Brazilian television giant Globo. With the World Cup being in Brazil, the media company blew their budget and continued a long-lasting rivalry with Argentina by unveiling a scary-as-hell robo-Lionel Messi.

Not Sports RelatedVideo

Now THIS Is The Worst Wheel Of Fortune Answer Ever…

When they give you the letters, it’s a good strategy to, ya know, assume they’re correct. Watch this guy whiff like Bartolo Colon, after the jump…


LeBron James, Miami Heat Get Killed Off In Latest Episode Of ‘Louie’

LeBron had two appearances on TV twice last night. One of them involved a basketball game. The other involved his untimely death due to being swept out to sea. Fitting, because he’s killing the Pacers right now.


BLACK LISTED: Power Ranking Last Night’s Late Night Donald Sterling Segments

Too soon? Never. Let TV’s funniest desk jockeys relieve our collective tension on the heels of a historically uncomfortable moment in sports history…

Media MonsterOlympic Sports

The Olympic Rings Looked Perfectly Fine On Russian TV, Thank You Very Much

russia tv rings doctored

You may have heard that there was a massive malfunction during the Olympic Opening Ceremony today: one of the five Olympic rings failed to expand, making the Olympic logo look like four rings and an asterisk… or a butthole, depending on who you ask. Not on Russian TV, though!


Pat Mayo’s Fantasy ‘The Bachelor’ Podcast Episode 2: Scoring Leaders And Real World Ex-Plosion Recap

Pat Mayo (@ThePME) & Jamie McKay (@_JamesMcKay) recap Episode 2 of “The Bachelor,” going over the top Fantasy scorers & the standings after the first scoring period, the aim of the commercials that run during the show and ask who the people prefer, Chelsie or Christy?


The 7 Reason You Need to Be Playing Fantasy Bachelor, Real World Ex-Plosion Recap

Generally speaking, the words “fantasy” and “blonde girl” don’t refer to a nerdy competition you play with your friends. We’ll let Pat Mayo walk you through this one…

FandomFootballVideoYouth sports

The Esquire Network Has A New Show About Texas Football Dads Yelling At Kids

Nothing screams football like a grown man screaming “FOOTBALL!” at children. The trailer for the terrifying new show, after the jump…


This Year’s World Series Ratings Will Probably Be Terrible, And It’s The MLB’s Fault

bud selig mlb

If we had to assign a grade to Major League Baseball for the way they scheduled this year’s World Series, they would get a solid “D.” As in, derp.

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