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NCAA Football

Does Johnny Manziel Have The Texas Longhorns Logo Tattooed On His Abs? (PHOTO)

You might notice something strange about this photo of Johnny Manziel in Cabo, which Busted Coverage first got their hands on: yes, that is what appears to be a tattoo of the Texas Longhorns logo on his abs.

Controversy!NCAA FootballSprintingVideoWeird But True

A Fan Ran On The Field, Did The Heisman Pose And Escaped Into The Stands At The Alamo Bowl

A clothed man ran on the field at the Alamo Bowl. Somehow, he got away, into the stands. Impressive video, after the jump.

NCAA FootballVideo

Mack Brown Loses His Mind In Front Of The World

You know that thing that more and more idiotic football players are doing where they drop the ball right before they cross the goal line for a touchdown, thereby actually fumbling? That happened to Kansas State last night against Texas, and the ensuing series of events led to Longhorns coach Mack Brown descending into insanity on live television.

NCAA Football

Oklahoma State’s J.W. Walsh Delivers Hit-Of-The-Week On Defenseless Old Man

The perils of working on the sideline are numerous for the unprotected. Cheerleaders have it bad enough, but at least they are young, elastic women able to bounce back from vicious hits. The elderly aren’t quite as equipped.

Media MonsterNCAA Football

Seven Colleges In America Are Very Good At Football, And Very Good At Partying

While the country’s “experts” are fumbling to find a functional rankings system for college football, there’s a very important factor that the stat nerds left out. The list, and our methodology, after the jump.


A High School Runs The Hook And Ladder, For The Win

Manor High School in Texas trailed Hendrickson, 49-46, with two seconds left on the clock. With the ball on the Hendrickson 43, Manor High dipped into their bag of video game trickery, and employed an NFL-Street-esque hook and ladder play to score the winning touchdown as time expired.

Media MonsterSports & Politics

Cheerleader Who Wouldn’t Cheer Her Alleged Rapist Loses Court Appeal

A cheerleader who refused to cheer her alleged rapist was kicked off the squad and now has lost her appeal.

NCAA Basketball

March Sadness: Some Fans Mourn Losses With Tears, Others Curse At Their TV

Not all fans handle losses with sadness. Instead, some go the good ol’ fashioned manly route: taking their frustration out on the TV screen.

NCAA Football

Oakland Coach Greg Kampe Flips Out Over Turnover, Narrowly Avoids Combustion

When Reggie Hamilton turned the ball over with time winding down in the first half, Oakland head coach Greg Kampe gave him a good old fashioned chiding.

Media Monster

Cheerleader Who Refused To Cheer Alleged Rapist Appealing Case To Supreme Court

A while back, you might have heard a thing or two about the dispiriting story of a cheerleader in Texas who claimed she was raped by an athlete at the school, refused to specifically cheer for said athlete…and was removed from the team for her troubles.

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