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trick shots

2014 World CupSoccerVideo

McDonald’s Ad Features Some Literally Unbelievable Soccer Trick Shots

How on Earth can someone be strapped to the flatbed of a truck, driving on the highway, punt a ball over a bridge, and catch it in a garbage can on the other side? Oh — because McDonald’s is a $100 billion company and they can do whatever the hell they want. Ok, nevermind then.


Is There A Rule In Basketball That Prevents You From Parkouring Off The Backboard?

Do not try this at home. You know what, don’t even try playing basketball at home — you’ll sprain something. Circus dunk of the millenium, after the jump…


You Call That A Pool Dunk? THIS Is A Pool Dunk…

Turkish Airlines are known for their attention to detail, impeccable track record, world-class service, and incorporating basketball into literally every commercial they make. The world’s greatest trick shot, after the jump…


Here’s How You Improve Golf’s TV Ratings: More Mind-Blowing Trick Shots

This is hands down the best golf trick shot video of all-time. Also, the best way to piss off the course ranger, course pro, old people, and anyone not wearing a helmet within 250-yards.


Conan Launches 72-Ounce Steak 94 Feet Across Basketball Court At AT&T Stadium, Shoots 50%

Hmm, wonder where foreigners get off thinking of this country as “wasteful” and “ridiculous” and “AWESOME!”


Wait, Wait, WAIT! How? You Mean You…This Is By Far The Craziest Golf Trick Shot We’ve Ever Seen

Second to hitting the ball-picker-upper-guy’s cart, this is the coolest thing you can do at a driving range: The golf alley-oop. Bravo gentlemen. Bravo.


Dude Perfect Most Dangerous/Impressive Trick Shot Yet: Moving Basket From 561 Feet

Dude Perfect is quickly becoming the bro version of David Copperfield. The magician, not the book. This shot is terrifying. Watch it.


This High School Basketball Shot Is The Craziest Play Of The Year. It’s Not Close. Watch This IMMEDIATELY.

There is absolutely zero chance you’ve seen a better shot all year, or probably ever. WATCH THIS NOW, you won’t regret it. We promise.


Channing Tatum And Bradley Cooper Get Schooled By The 3-Year-Old Trick Shot King

Titus is a beast on the hardwood (or tile, if he’s shooting from the kitchen). Who would imagine that a Dad filming his toddler nailing trick shots would end up in a video with Hollywood’s two biggest leading men?


A Harlem Globetrotter Just Broke The Record For The Longest Shot In Basketball History

Records were meant to be broken. Or is it “rules were meant to be broken”? Either way, this shot breaks both because he takes it from way behind the baseline. Every long shot record on the books, after the jump…

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