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ENTER THE XBOX: Bruce Lee Will Be A Playable Character In Next UFC Game

Well that’s awesome. Video of the most famous martial artist in modern history, inside…


MMA Fighter Elias Theodorou Takes A Break From Kicking The Crap Out Of His Opponent To Say ‘Hi Mom’

This is what happens when you put two nice Canadian guys in the ring together.


HE WANTS TO BE SPAWN: Rashad Evans’s Epic Nerd-Out On The Fight Network

There are those who pretend to be nerds, those who pretend not to be nerds, Orcs, and those who shamelessly obsess over the finer points of drawing superheros. Consider Rashad Evans the latter (and maybe part orc because he could easily rip your head off).

Hot BabesMMA/BoxingVideo

UFC 170: Prepare For Rousey-McMann By Watching An Attractive Young Lady Choke The Bejesus Out Of Her Male Opponent

Sooner or later, taking your girlfriend out will be considered brandishing a dangerous weapon in public. Watch a babe in hot shorts go berserk on some poor guy who agreed to “fight” her…

Hot BabesMMA/BoxingSlideshowVideo

NSFW: UFC Octagon Girls Get Body Painted For Your Birthday…

…Or an unsanctioned Super Bowl XLVIII tailgate party — which ever comes first. Video of the grueling process of body painting two beautiful women, as well as some choice behind-the-scenes Instagram photos, after the jump.


Humanity Reacts To Anderson Silva’s Leg Break

A cacophony of “Ooohs” and “Damns” and “He broke his fucking leg in halfs,” as well as my own personal reaction, after the jump.


Before Attempting To Kill His UFC 167 Opponent, Johny Hendricks Nerds Out At A Comic Book Store

hendricks comicsNothing like going comic shopping days before the fight of your life. Watch Johny Hendricks nerd out, after the jump.


MMA Superstar Johnny Hendricks Suffered 2nd Degree Burns While Filming Of A UFC Promo

Showbiz is a bitch sometimes. Photos of the damage for all you wierdos out there that are into that kind of stuff, after the jump.


DO NOT Watch This Video If You’re Squeamish/Hate Blood/Averse To Carnage

This real-life “Freddy vs. Jason” happened at Adrenaline Freefight Challenge 6 in Trbovlje, Slovenia, and the fighters are Jasmin Popara and Ranis Ali Smajlović. The mayhem begins at around the 2:00 mark, and before it’s over the ring is pretty much painted red. Sweet William Wallace, what a display.

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