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That Guy Who Tweeted Death Threats To Mark Sanchez Wants You To Know He Didn’t Mean It

Oh, well this changes everything. You might have read yesterday about a guy who had the attention of the NFL for just about the worst possible reason: i.e. tweeting death threats to Mark Sanchez after the Jets’ Monday night loss to the Titans. But he totally didn’t mean it!

ESPNMedia MonsterNFL

First Take’s Rob Parker Wonders If RGIII Is “A Cornball Brother,” Remains The Worst

My, how First Take co-troll Rob Parker has everyone talking about him lately! Remember a couple months ago, when he decided to get a rise out of people who like to obtain knowledge by breaking out the totally new, un-hackneyed “observation” that any sports fan who likes stats is clearly a pathetic no-friend nerd? We do. Now, though, his target is Robert Griffin III… and what he’s saying is even worse.


A Plea To Soccer Fans Everywhere: Do Not Do This

Soccer fans the world over: you’re passionate. You care. We get it. You have nothing to prove to anyone on this front. You possess an undying devotion to the sport. We believe you. But you also have a reputation for getting a little too wrapped up in things, and… the point is, just watch the damn game and don’t do this. [Dirty Tackle]


A UFC Fighter Suffered The Most Brutal Broken Toe We’ve Ever Seen (WARNING: GRAPHIC)

UFC fighters are always at a pretty high risk for gruesome injury – the brutal nature of the sport makes it a relief when someone doesn’t sustain an injury, and/or if no blood is spilled. As much as danger is inherent in the fights themselves, though, sometimes, the worst injuries still come as a result of freak accidents.

NCAA FootballVideo

Racist Guy In Johnny Football Shirt Causes Airport Fight, Shames Texas A&M Fans Everywhere (NSFW Language)

Well, you couldn’t expect things to keep going too perfectly for Texas A&M, could you? They just knocked off the No. 1 team in America, moved into the Top 10 themselves, and have a Heisman frontrunner/national sensation at quarterback. That’s just asking for the universe to even things out a bit, so now we have the video below – one that will make any Texas A&M fan who doesn’t happen to be a drunken racist lunatic the slightest bit ashamed to (apparently) root for the same team as this guy. Warning: the video above contains an N-bomb. And one of the world’s biggest idiots. [SB Nation]

Media Monster

Bounty Scandals: They’re For Youth Football Now, Too (Ugh)

You know all about the Saints’ bounty scandal. You heard about the allegations, the Gregg Williams speech, the suspensions – and you’re probably tired of it. And if you are, some news you really won’t want to hear is after the jump.

NCAA FootballWeird But True

The Dumbest Fight Ever Proves There Is Such A Thing As Taking Football Too Seriously

The state of Oklahoma loves its football. Well, in general – even in a state that cherishes its pigskin action so, not everyone is going to be a fan. And when those non-fans reveal their non-fandom to the wrong person, some really dumb stuff can happen.

Media Monster

The Story Of A 74-Year-Old Man Getting Killed By A Javelin Will Be The Worst Thing You Hear About Today

We almost feel like we should apologize for sharing this story of a 74-year-old man getting killed by a javelin thrown by a teenager in what was apparently a horrible freak accident, because it is thoroughly depressing all around.

Media MonsterVideo

These People At A Minor League Game Set The World Record For Tebowing And OH GOD MAKE IT STOP

A week ago we wrote about some Tebowing that happened at the ESPYs. In so doing, we included this message to the world: “[I]f you didn’t Tebow again, like, ever, that would be pretty cool.” Well, some people JUST WOULDN’T LISTEN.


Video From The Egyptian Soccer Riots That Have Killed At Least 70 People

The rivalry between Al-Masry’s and Al-Ahly’s football clubs is one of the most hotly-contested in Egypt, but fan tempers ran tragically high – resulting in the deaths of over 70 people and counting – after Al-Masry beat Al-Ahly 3-1 today in Port Said, Egypt.

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