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Manchester United Unveils New Away Kits, Chevy Logo Still Too Goddamn Big

We get it, Chevy, you’re the new kit sponsor for Manchester United. Could you tone it down, please?


New And Rumored NBA Uniforms For The 2014-15 Season

Have we stumbled on the newest iteration of the Cavaliers’ uniform? Probably not. However, we do have some verified jersey changes coming to the league next year that are all upgrades from 2013-14. Check em out, inside…


Behold, Your 2014 FIBA World Cup Team USA Uniforms…

We’re not sure what to think about these things. Let us know your thoughts, inside…


PHOTO: Are These The New USA Basketball Uniforms For The FIBA World Cup?

What you see above is a possible leaked image of the new set of Nike uniforms Team USA will wear during the FIBA World Cup in Spain. Although it’s hard to tell from just a blurry photo, it appears as if these uniforms are sleeved. If so, that’s a nightmare for us all.


Charlotte Hornets New Uniforms Unveiled: How Do They Compare To The Old Gear?

The old uniforms were classics. Will the new ones do them justice? Find out, inside…


Commissioner Adam Silver: NBA Jerseys Will Have Ads On Them In 5 Years

And we were just starting to like you, too. A plea for sanity, inside.


The 19 Best MLB Uniform & Logo Changes To Look Forward To This Season

Old logos make a comeback, really old uniforms as well, and the Braves have decided they love America more than your favorite team. The complete rundown after the jump…


The USMNT World Cup Away Kit Looks Like One Of Those Firecracker Popsicles From Your Childhood

Lemme guess — when you take it off there’s a stupid joke written on your stomach. We’re not fans (of the shirt, still love America). See what all the fuss is about after the jump…


If You Notice A Lot Of Monochromatic Uniforms At This Year’s World Cup, It’s Because FIFA Wanted It That Way

Guys, we know you think white on white is too matchy-matchy, but please, it’s for the fans. Apparently the colors on your jersey affect the quality of the picture on my television. See every national team’s concession to a better HD TV feed, after the jump…


A Redditor Redesigned All 32 World Cup Jerseys And We’re Willing To Pay A Handsome Fee For Any Of Them

Both real and imagined 2014 World Cup kits inside. Some are heinous, some are cooler than anything we own. Collect them all, after the jump…

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