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Sports Science Makes Eric Ebron Out To Look Like The Can’t Miss Draft Prospect Of 2014

Are we looking at a future star? Are Eric Ebron’s physical gifts enough to hoist him into the league’s top tier of tight ends? Sports Science sure seems to think so.

ComedyMMA/BoxingSports & ReligionVideo

Colbert Roundhouse Kicked That Bizarre ‘Fight Church’ Documentary

MMA Pastor: “If you really want the enemy off your trail, you have to put your foot on his neck. Somebody shout Jesus.”

Colbert: “Somebody shout Jesus, but probably not the guy with the foot on his neck.”


Hate LeBron? You’re Copying This Guy, Who’s Hated The King Since He Was Born

If you thought hating LeBron James was original — think again. This guy owns the largest collection of LeBron hate-art in the country (maybe), ashes of every jersey LBJ has ever worn (weird), and has a cat named “LeBron” (which is short for “LeBron’s a bitch”). Watch the vid, plus see our round-up of Twitter’s worst anti-LeBron accounts, inside…


Meet The Bluetooth-Connected Self-Following Robo-Caddy Of The Future

Steve Williams it is not. R2-D2 it is. Buy it you must.


DeSean Jackson Gets Heisman… FROM RIHANNA!

DeSean is all swaggy now that he’s the most googled dude in football (FACT), so he’s decided to capitalize on his limelight and lay it on one of the world’s most famous women. She ain’t having it.

Extreme SportsVideo

Here It Is, Your Moment Of Zen: Parachuting Skier Grinds Down Chairlift Cables

This is easily one of the coolest things we’ve ever seen. See it here first, so you can run to your friends/coworkers and be all like “Hey, you see that video of the dude grinding down the chairlift cables?”


BREAKING NEWS: Jeff Van Gundy Hates Paddle Boats

JVG: Blowing the top off a deeply entrenched conspiracy to dupe lazy people out of their time/money. We’re glad someone finally said something about the scourge that is “paddle boats.” Thanks, Jeff.


Jamal Crawford Is The Best Ridiculously Long Range Shooter In The NBA

Watch his buzzer-beating half-court score, then look at his shot chart, then pinch yourself to make sure you’re not having an acid flashback.


DINOSWEAR: Raptors Exec Masai Ujiri Drops F-Bomb During Pre-Game Pep Rally

First he unloads Andrea Bargnani on the Knicks, then he goes and screams “F*** Brooklyn” to a crowd of ravenous Raptors fans. Masai Ujiri has it out for New York…


Giancarlo Stanton Is Eating Major League Baseball

A walk-off grand slam was absolutely unnecessary last night. Unfortunately, Giancarlo Stanton just can’t help himself to towering home runs.

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