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Not Sports RelatedVideo

The ‘Interweb’ Unveils A ‘Compilation Vid’ Of People Getting ‘Blasted In The Face’ With ‘Balls’

All different types of balls from all sorts of angles. Seems like someone might want to watch, right? Hopefully they’ll make more of these and then we can show are friends and have a good laugh.

FandomNFLPolice BlotterVideo

File This Video Of A Browns Fan Peeing On Art Modell’s Grave Under ‘Sports Aren’t That Important Dude’

Using something called “a Texas catheter,” a bitter Browns fan discretely excreted on the grave of another human being for something sports-related that happened 18 years ago.


The LFL Continues Its Quest To Be The Favorite Sport Of Douchebags

Is a scantily-clad female football player politely sipping a beer the best touchdown celebration of all time, or is it the single stupidest moment in human history? YOU DECIDE! #democracy


Nelly Straight Up Nails Floyd Mayweather Jr. For Being A Narcissistic Idiot

I mean, he’s not wrong, but damn, going on TV and insulting Mayweather is a ballsy move — for no other reason that Mayweather is a predicate felon just stupid enough to retaliate.


Peyton Manning, Wes Welker Dancing At Practice Is A Fanny Pack Full Of Mayonaise Shy Of Being The Whitest Thing on Earth

The most famous football player on Earth jamming out to classic bluegrass at Broncos camp has destroyed the Manning family’s street cred for at least 1,000 generations.

Other sportsVideo

Nigerian Ping Pong Team/Squad Reacts To Consolation Game Win By Pulling Down Pants In Celebration

Faux-mooner Randy Moss just got one-upped by a Nigerian ping pong benchwarmer. Must watch…

MMA/BoxingPolice BlotterVideo

MMA Fighter/Gas Station Clerk Rains Punches On Would-Be Robbers (VIDEO)

These robbers didn’t know who Mayura Dissanayake was. We didn’t either, but we’ll never forget him after this.

Inspirational ThingsOlympic SportsVideoWeird But True

You Should Feel Bad About Yourself Because This One-Armed Woman Can Weightlift (VIDEO)

I’m going to go for a jog or something to work off how terrible I feel about myself after watching this video.

ComedyMMA/BoxingVideoWeird But True

The First Trailer For Mike Tyson’s New Cartoon, Mike Tyson Mysteries, Is Hilarious (VIDEO)

Mike Tyson is starring in a new Adult Swim cartoon where he’ll be solving crimes. This isn’t a drill. This is real life.

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