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Washington Post

ESPNMedia Monster

6 Things We Learned From The Washington Post’s Excellent Profile Of Skip Bayless

skip baylessYou may not like Bayless after reading some of these things — we still don’t, for example — but you might get where he’s coming from. Except for the fact that he eats Chinese chicken and broccoli every single weeknight for dinner. Who does that?

Media MonsterNFL

DeAngelo Hall Gets Into Shouting Match With Reporter Over Non-Controversial Quote, Because He’s DeAngelo Hall

The Redskins are struggling. Not as much as the Eagles, whom they easily beat 31-6 on Sunday, but still struggling. Struggling leads to frustration. And for some of Washington’s more temperamental guys, frustration can lead to… getting into a screaming match with a reporter over a quote that doesn’t remotely warrant anger.

Media MonsterNCAA Football

Joe Paterno’s First Interview Since The Sandusky Scandal

Today, the Washington Post published Joe Paterno’s first interview since the Sandusky scandal broke. According to Paterno, had Mike McQueary been more detailed in his account of what he saw in the Penn State showers, it still wouldn’t have computed.

Media MonsterNFL

Rex Grossman Is A Fatty, According To Washington Post

While the Washington Redskins’ 2-1 start might have actually exceeded the expectations of many, Monday’s 18-16 loss to the Cowboys was a crusher. Failing to win a game where your opponent doesn’t score one touchdown and botches multiple center-QB exchanges can’t be spun as anything but a missed opportunity, and Washington Post columnist Sally Jenkins placed the majority of the blame at the body of quarterback Rex Grossman.

Media MonsterSoccer

Sigh: Washington Post’s John Feinstein Says Soccer Isn’t A Real Sport

We suppose this moment was inevitable. After the second impossibly thrilling victory for a United States soccer team in as many years, after the U.S. women advance in the World Cup in spectacular fashion, someone was going to tear that moment down. That someone is columnist John Feinstein.

Media MonsterNFL

Dan Snyder Explains His Washington City Paper Lawsuit In Washington Post Op-Ed

Today, Redskins owner Dan Snyder explained his lawsuit against the Washington City Paper via a Washignton Post column. It won’t win him any new support.

ESPNNCAA Basketball

Ugly Ending: Nightmare PR Week For NCAA Capped Off With Epic Dressing-Down

The Washington Post’s John Feinstein went on record saying he wasn’t a big fan of the NCAA Tournament’s Selection Committee. Today he ripped the organization as whole, capping a nightmare public relations week for college sports.

Media MonsterNBA

What The Carmelo Anthony Trade Means For The Little People

There’s an emerging trend in the NBA: a shrinking number of star-gobbling teams in big market cities seem to be getting most of the talent.


Is Ben Roethlisberger One Of The NFL’s Best Quarterbacks?

It’s time to “separate the man from the athlete.” Where does Ben Roethlisberger rank among the NFL’s elite?

Media MonsterNBANFL

Donovan McNabb Booed By Washington Fans At Wizards Game?

Donovan McNabb may miss the “City of Brotherly Love” at this point. He’s used to getting booed at football games–that happened in Philadelphia every year. Now, he’s even getting booed at NBA games.

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