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west virginia mountaineers

NCAA FootballPro WrestlingVideo

West Virginia Simulates Royal Rumble In Locker Room, Everybody Wins

A locker room video of the WVU football team goofing off got us wondering what an NCAA Pro Wrestling league would look like. Short answer: Kinda like college football, but weirder.

NCAA FootballVideo

WVU’s Kevin White Touchdown Vs. Alabama Is An Early Catch-Of-The-Year Candidate

kevin white tdIt’s an evenly matched game between Alabama and West Virginia so far, but Kevin White’s ridiculous TD catch with Alabama’s Bradley Sylve draped all over him has no equal.


This Is What Happens In A World Where Miley Cyrus Almost Wins Time’s ‘Person Of The Year’

wvu twerkDid anyone care that WVU lost to Gonzaga last night? Nope. It’s all about the chick in nosebleeds, shaking her ass for money.

Minor League Baseball

WVU Wears Urban Camoflague, Blends In With Nothing In The Known Universe

Are we supporting American Troops or post-modern interpretations of the Ukrainian flag? Oh, thats WVU colors. Nice touch! OU’s take on the subject after the jump.

NCAA Football

West Virginia’s Mascot Can’t Hunt With His School-Issued Musket After Killing A Bear With It

Boy, this internet thing is crazy, isn’t it? All you’ve gotta do is post one video to YouTube of yourself killing a bear with a musket you were given by West Virginia University for use in your capacity as the school’s mascot, and you never hear the end of it.

NCAA FootballPolice Blotter

West Virginia Football Players Charged With Stealing… Doritos And Gatorade

Step aside, alleged taco thief Erving Walker - West Virginia junior safety Darwin Cook and senior cornerback Terence Garvin have officially one-upped you on the stupidity scale, thanks to charges of stolen Doritos and Gatorade.

NCAA BasketballVideo

College Coach Nearly Gets Into Fight With Opposing Student Section

What are you thinking here, Buzz Williams? Your Marquette team has just beaten Big East rival West Virginia, 61-60. You’re on West Virginia’s home court. You’ve been called over to the announcer’s table to do a post-game interview on ESPN. You probably shouldn’t pretend to do a ballroom dance in the middle of the court before all of the disappointed WVU kids have left the arena.

NCAA FootballVideo

West Virginia Destroyed The Orange Bowl Mascot Last Night, Too

West Virginia visited unholy carnage upon Clemson in the Orange Bowl last night…but it wasn’t just opposing players who fell victim to the Mountaineers’ relentless attack.

NCAA FootballWeird But True

Louisville Says It Will Leave Its Cheerleaders At Home Because Of Insane West Virginians

This weekend, the Louisville football team will travel to Morgantown for a clash with no. 21 West Virginia, and the atmosphere is expected to be a heated one. It’s expected to be so heated, in fact, that Louisville will leave its cheerleaders at home, deeming the environment at WVU “unsafe.”

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