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What Happened Last Night


What Happened Last Night: Miami Beat The Lakers, Celtics Outlasted The Nuggets In Triple Overtime

Yesterday was one of those Sunday basketball buffets: Knicks-Clippers, Lakers-Heat, Nuggets-Celtics, Spurs-Nets. But in case you spent your Sunday away from the television, here’s what happened.


What Happened Last Night: The Lakers Beat The Thunder (!), The NFC Beat The AFC In The Pro Bowl You Didn’t Watch

You know that lingering parasite, the one in which several non-selected all-star football players compete in a game wearing brightly colored uniforms? Right, the Pro Bowl. Well that went on last night because Roger Goodell enjoys hanging onto the vestiges of decorum, or something. The NFC won, by the way. Oh and there was basketball all day, too.


What Happened Last Night: A Double OT Thriller In Brooklyn And The Lakers Finally Win

Another basketball-heavy night, and one sadly devoid of any interesting matchups. Hey, I love the NBA more than anyone, but Milwaukee-Cleveland? Sacramento-Oklahoma City? Utah-Phoenix? Luckily, there were two games of note for their own reasons last night: Brooklyn-Detroit and Los Angeles (Lakers)-Washington.

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What Happened Last Night: Heismanziel, Plus Marquez KOs Pacquiao

Welcome to another edition of “What Happened Last Night?” in which we look at stories of note from the previous evening in the sports world, just in case you missed it for whatever reason, although considering last night was Saturday night, I can imagine what you were up to. Anyway, let’s get you up to date.


What Happened Last Night: Thunder Top Lakers, Sixers Top Celtics In Overtime

The NHL is still on strike, MLB is in the offseason, all NFL and NCAA football action is relegated to the weekend, and no one really cares about NCAA basketball until March. This is my favorite time of the year, when the NBA reigns supreme and I don’t have to leave my house. Here’s what you (but not I) missed last night.


What Happened Last Night: Knicks Lose First Game, Lakers Win First Game (With D’Antoni)

It was a pretty busy Friday night in the NBA, with nine games in action. That being said, there were two games of note: the 6-0 New York Knicks vs. the 6-1 Memphis Grizzlies, and the debut of Mike D’Antoni’s offense with the Los Angeles Lakers as they took on the Phoenix Suns.


What Happened Last Night: Lakers Lose Again, Knicks Beat Heat, Harden Keeps Rolling

We have officially entered my favorite time of the year, friends: the NBA season. While you were out party-rocking last night, here’s all the hot NBA action you missed.


What Happened Last Night: Giants, Notre Dame Stay Unbeaten, James Harden Traded

Happy Halloween! If you were like most of the country, you went to a Halloween party last night and missed a lot of action while you were out getting drunk on pumpkin ale.

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What Happened Last Night: Louisville Avoids Upset, NBA Preseason Concludes

Pretty slow Friday night in the sports world. No World Series action, no NFL action, obviously no NHL action. Even so, there was a little bit going on. Let’s get to it.


What Happened Last Night: The Giants Are Dominating, The Vikings Get Dominated

Need to catch up on the sports scene from last night because you had something sooooooo much more important to do instead? Well, you’re in luck, because I’m going to walk you through it right now. After the jump, drink in the knowledge you so rashly avoided obtaining until now.

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