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Zach Randolph


Watch NBA Official Joey Crawford Power Trip And Toss Everybody (VIDEO)

You know when you’re hot and you feel like you can’t miss? That’s what Joey Crawford felt at the end of the Clips Griz game, except with ejecting star players. “I am the law!” Judge Dread once said, channeling Crawford. Everybody in club gettin’ T’s after the jump.

NBAWeird But True

Zach Randolph Has A Crippling Phobia Of Cats, Terrified They Will (*Gasp*) Scratch Him

There is a long tradition of phobias in sports. Damian Lillard is afraid of statues. Eric Berry is terrified of horses. Rabbits and Andy Roddick just don’t mesh well. Now the torch has been passed to Zach Randolph, who told ESPN The Magazine’s Sam Alipour that he’s deeply toubled by a fear of cats.

NBANCAA Basketball

What Happened Last Night: The Wizards Beat The Heat, The Lakers Blew Another Game, And Zach Randolph Went Nuts

You know the deal. This is where we talk about games you might have missed from the previous evening, and maybe other news sometimes too, but mostly games. Let’s get to it.


Z-Bo Tries To Intimidate Blake Griffin

For opposing teams, a clear strategy on how to deal with Blake Griffin emerged late in the regular season: foul him hard, and try to bait him into a fight. The league’s power forwards, tired of being posterized, and seeing Griffin as nothing more than an over-hyped highlight reel, have openly tried to intimidate him.


Kid At Grizzlies’ Game Loses It, Becomes Internet Hero

Seriously, take a look at that kid, he could not be happier. Video after the jump.

NBAPolice Blotter

Some Bad Things Happened To A Drug Dealer At Zach Randolph’s House

Public perception of the Grizzlies’ Zach Randolph came a long way this past season, with Randolph’s 20 points and 12 rebounds a game fueling the Grizzlies’ surprising playoff run. A reported incident at Randolph’s home over the weekend, however, may – fairly or unfairly – set that back a bit.

Around 12:30 in the morning on Sunday, police searched Randolph’s home in Portland after 26-year-old James Beasley said he was assaulted there after trying to sell marijuana. Randolph’s not a suspect, but either way, this doesn’t sound great.


Zach Randolph Just Might Be The Sampson Of The Western Conference

Reports are coming out of the Indianapolis area that Zach Randolph might be intimately involved in marijuana trafficking. UPDATE: Apparently, he was also involved in a strip club brawl this morning.

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