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Andy Roddick Lashes Out Against Tennis Analysts In Post-Match Interview

You’d think being married to Brooklyn Decker would mellow a man out.

Andy Roddick pulled no punches in an interview with Chris Fowler after his first-round victory at the U.S. Open, saying the job of tennis analyst is “the easiest job in the world,” one that “doesn’t take much thought.”

Roddick was responding to Fowler’s question about commentators questioning his playing style.

The former top American male tennis player slugged out a tough win over fellow Yank Michael Russell 6-2, 6-4, 4-6, 7-5, avoiding the first-round upset but looking off his game at times.

Edit: somehow, the word “former” was missing from the published version of this piece. It has been restored. Sorry, Mardy!

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  • AndysMother

    Most overrated Tennis player ever.  Male, anyway.

  • UrMum

    ^ False. You must not wath tennis. Roddick often gets very little respect in fact, especially since he follows the likes of Pete and company. With the way Roddick’s been talked about, you’d think he’d never even won a slam. Nice try though.

    The question wasn’t about his playing style, FYI. He basically asked him if he was going to chill out since he’s no longer the threat he once was. It was an insulting question to say the least.

  • UrMum

    ^ Correcting myself a bit. He did ask him about his play-style, but it wasn’t as simple as that. Fowler his self referenced the number of analysts who says what Andy should and should not do; his response was completely valid. In 2009 his playstyle was “reinvinted”, now it’s criticized.

  • Sag

    Andy was asked an insulting question and he had a great come back.  I loved what he said.  Most of the time I have to watch the matches on MUTE because I get so upset by the comments.

  • Mmayes211

    Def not the top player currently. Been 3rd among US guys for close to 2 yrs now.

  • Roger

    The issue was that Chris Fowler…hmm how many majors has Chris won….kept on about Andy “finding himself”, “finding himself” on the court during the match, “finding himself in front of “1,000,000 people were Fowler’s words.  Four set match but it looked like Andy knew where he was and didn’t need to be found.  The man has had a rough summer and I commend his tenacity to come to the Open knowing he’d be in several “battles”.  Fowler appeared to be flying by the seat of his pants and didn’t have his questions laid out.  I commend Andy for keeping his cool and speaking facts regarding the “reccliner chair analyst”.  Chris, move over and let a former tennis pros turned analyst do those interviews. 

  • Amcday

    Andy is right. I watch a match to see the players play. not to hear
    sports announcers run their mouths  right through points. almost 3 mins
    talking about Brooklyn Decker; so ridiculous. now all the little sports media nerds are upset. LOL get over yourselves.

  • Amcday

    Andy is right. I watch a match to see the players play. not to hear
    sports announcers run their mouths  right through points. almost 3 mins
    talking about Brooklyn Decker; so ridiculous. now all the little sports media nerds are upset. LOL get over yourselves.

  • Amcday

    yet, he is still  more successful then you ever will be.

  • Amcday

    yet, he is still  more successful then you ever will be.

  • Ron234

    Grand Slam champ, 8 Grand Slam semis, 4 Grand Slam finals, 34 titles, reached #1 in the world, 1 of  2 players to be ranked in top ten for 9 straight yrs, 1 of 2 active players to win a title for 10 straight yrs, easily in the tennis HOF…
    Overrated huh? 
    Maybe you should find a Webster’s or google the definition of overrated…

  • SexyLexy

    LOL Roddick is such a bratty douche.  I’m so ashamed he’s American with that attitude.  His current style of play is not working too well yet he is too stubborn and arrogant to accept criticism.  He’s leagues below the top 10 guys now and will be lucky to end the year in the top 20.

  • Marco Rincones

    Andy does have an advantage….He finds himself next to Brooklyn most every night of the year so he’s got that working for him…

  • Sdboltz07

    He was the best tennis player in the country for nine straight years – how is he overrated?

  • Tennis Pro

    Key word there being “was” …Its Sept 2011 now champ. You gotta evaluate athletes on current performance. ( I think past 12 months is fair) You cannot keep refering to the past. When he was playing great tennis and on Top of the world everyone was biggin him up, and rightly so! But you know what, times have changed, and Andy’s just not as effective as he used to be. Thats sport, get over it Roddick fans. Analysts have to broadcast on what they see, not what happened  5 years ago…And what’s Chris Fowlers’ tennis ‘career’ got anything to do with it??? So no one must have any opinions on an Athlete unless they have done “more than them”? Laughable. As an aside…you’d never see Nadal or Fed behave like that, they have too much class.

  • Roddick Fan

    Well said Tennis Pro…Speaking of Tennis Commentators, ESPN need to hire that South African dude Rob Koenig to work the Majors, the guy is pure class! never talks too much, enthusiastic, never gets over-critical and gives THE best analysis…

  • Sdboltz07

    I actually agree with Roddick’s response. Most tennis analysts, much like yourself, have no idea what they’re talking about.

  • roddickfan

    You are an idiot. Years ago he “accepted criticism” after not winning more titles and changed his playing style to what they thought he should, and he had streaks where he did great. Please don’t talk unless you know what you are talking about. If he was doing great people would say he is doing exactly what he should be doing, but if he was losing they tell him he needs to change everything. 

    His point was that no matter what he is doing, they just say “yes” or “no” depending on how the player performs.

  • Rhinosaur

    I like Roddick, I really do. But don’t fool yourself into thinking he’s not a whiny douchebag.

  • http://twitter.com/gwopijon ae

    Andy PLEASE shut up!

    YOU are NOT qualified to shine the Nike’s of John McEnroe

    Unlike YOU.John McEnroe has won 77 titles while you’ve won 30!

    Unlike YOU;John McEnroe has made the FINALS at 3 out of 4 slams!

    Unlike YOU John McEnroe has made the FINALS at the French Open (1984)
    Unlike YOU John McEnroe has won 3 ATP World Tour Finals (1978, 1983, 1984)
    Unlike YOU John McEnroe has won 5 WCT Finals (1979, 1981, 1983, 1984, 1989)
    Unlike YOU John McEnroe was ranked world # 1 for four straight years from 1981 through 1984. He spent a total of 170 weeks at the top of the rankings
    Unlike YOU John McEnroe the Davis Cup in 1972;79;81;82;92

    Unlike YOU John McEnroe has won 4 USO titles (1979, 1980, 1981, 1984)

    Unlike YOU John McEnroe has won 3 Wimbledon titles  (1981, 1983, 1984)

    John McEnroe is right in the sense that your forehand has way to much spin compared to Federer;Nadal;Djokovic and Tsonga;Del Potro;Soderling
    and that you don’t have a solid backhand down the line
    you don’t have a solid backhand slice
    you can’t hit a good drop shot
    you can’t approach the net and you can’t put away a decent volley

  • Bjmealy8

    What century are you in….just saying. Maybe he needs a wooden racket too…

  • jenn

    There was no lashing out. It was pretty darn accurate if u ask me of what he said. Everyone has pretty much put him in retirement so I would get tired of the same old questions if I was Andy as well.

  • Kazdec

    Excellent post man. I’m a USPTA/PTR certified tennis pro, 23 yrs. The bottom line with Roddick;

    He is slightly lazy with his FOOTWORK, and I seriously doubt he puts in 4 hrs a day with his groundstrokes like the other top pros, (top 5 in the world). I am sick of cringing during his baseline rallies. I know an unforced error is coming. He has skated by on his serve his entire carrear and happened to be on in the 03 Open. ONE SLAM WONDER. His slight laziness is on display for the world to see. Overwieght by 15 lbs for the majority of his carrear? LAZY!

    Imagine what he would have done had he been DEAD serious with his carrear. What a shame. I’m NOT satisfied win him in the top ten for ten years. Fulfill you potential or take the brutal criticism of the spotlight like a man !

  • Sparky

    Andy was the one who said he was finding himself BEFORE the match. He was just being his usual petulant, arrogant, defensive self afterward.  He’s been nasty with the media since day one and, while he has had success, he’s handled his winning almost worse than his losing. He should watch Nadal and Federer, and Murray (who faces the brutal British press) and take a lesson. Or just shut up and stop being a thin skinned baby like he’s always been.

  • Mikev-29

    The guy is an asshole. We should not condone bad behavior because he or she is a good tennis player. However, I do not think that he is the biggest asshole. That award goes to Jokovich and his family. They need to learn to behave like Federer, Sampras and Nadal with class.

  • Jbafford

    Overrated ??  What the hell are you smok’in ?  Look at his stats..  you’re a moron..

  • Anonymous

    Yet Andy Roddick is still more of an insufferable douche than AndysMother ever will be.

  • Anonymous

    Wow…thank god Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal existed, or Andy Roddick’s one-trick pony of a serve would be today’s standard of excellence.

    He’ll be a future HOF or whatever. But you take away that serve (yes, I’m just saying)..and Michael Russell looked like the better player last night. That said, I do think Roddick has one of the top-5 serves of all time.

  • Anonymous

    one grand slam? what’s the standard amongst sportsgrid fans?? (He was lucky he ended up with as many grand slams as he did, which is to say: one).

    Marat Safin, for example, would be an underachiever.
    Donald Young would be an example of someone who was overrated as hell.
    Roddick would be someone who overachieved. Roddick seems to have a pretty high opinion of himself, but I’m not sure who else thought Roddick would rise to some Sampras or Agassi standard. So, I’m not sure that he’s technically ‘overrated’.

  • Leinies02

    Mmmm yeah…nuzzle into that big ol wart…

  • Ronny Dub

    Though natural, Roddick’s response is fundamentally wrong.  In essence, he argues that unless your talent exceeds a player’s, you cannot analyze (or criticize) him.  This ignores the difference between great play (physical) and great analysis (mental).  The two result from different skill sets and thus the ability (or right) to do one, does not guarantee the ability (or right) to do the other. This is the reason why superior coaches (essentially analysts) were inferior players. And, conversely, why superior players are inferior coaches.  

    This is not unique to athletics; think editing a novel as opposed to writing a novel.  

  • Csro54

    The only thing wrong with what Andy said is that it can’t be too easy to be an analyst because they all suck at it.

  • Anonymous

    Andy Roddick is a very hard working,humble,classy tennis player.He is a true professional on the court.The arrogance of American news media is disgusting.These minions did not leave even Sampras.
    All they want is sensationalizing the news and commercialiizing it.
    Here ia a hardworking American .i can tell my kids and grand kids to be like Andy

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NCRY7WJXB5ZHIDKCYQE7UHVCBM Rose

    Federer might be the greatest player of all time.  And Nadal might be better.  Winning “only” one grand slam in an era where those two guys are sucking up all the titles is pretty decent.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NCRY7WJXB5ZHIDKCYQE7UHVCBM Rose

    Federer might be the greatest player of all time.  And Nadal might be better.  Winning “only” one grand slam in an era where those two guys are sucking up all the titles is pretty decent.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2CNXLR3RNCJ5LIKVTAZWOSJWGU craig

    You can’t spell Roddick without Dick. He is a punk of the highest degree – thoroughly unlikeable. At least Johnny Mac off the court was an outstanding observer of the game – and had good manners. This guy, wouldn’t know when to shut his mouth if his life depended on it.

  • Tcalfee1

    McEnroe didn’t have Nedal and Federer and Novak to contend with

  • Tcalfee1

    you are a tennis pro? What major did you win?

  • C22890

    Although Andy Roddick has been recognized as a grand Slam champ and is 1 of  2 players to be ranked in top ten for 9 straight years, I think it is safe to say that he doesn’t have many fans. Besides the hundreds of girls who watch his matches purely to see him sweat, most other tennis viewers find him arrogant and  not that talented on the court. He has an amazing serve when he gets it in and can hold his own in some matches but that is not enough to make up for his pompous  demeanor and poor attitude on the court. Being an avid tennis fan since I was young have always choosen to root for whoever is up against Roddick (American or not), because everyone likes to see a jerk loose. I think the media has been able to portray Roddick pretty well and this interview is a perfect example of his true colors. I don’t think the media even has to exaggerate to make Roddick look as bad as he does, he does a pretty good job of that himself.

  • Slam105

    Roddick has a million-dollar game & a ten-cent head!

  • RAB

    I don’t know what to take from that. I do agree tennis commentators are sometimes annoying with their analysis but Andy seems to be the wrong person to be the “voice” of tennis players. Whoever posted Andy stats is right, Andy has had a decent career but compare those stats to the likes Novak, Roger, Rafa and maybe even Murray and they don’t compare .  Andy just seems really defensive as of late. His game needs work, thats no secret. He needs to stop pointing the finger at others and start playing better tennis. His one-dimensonal game is not gonna cut against current players. You don’t have to be a tenniis champion to see that Andy has lost his mojo and the only way he is going to get it back is by holding himself accountable

  • AndysMothersMother

    Four other major finals says that luck has nothing to do with his slam victory.

  • http://www.facebook.com/brad.squires.71 Brad Squires

    Absolutely correct in everything you said, I couldn’t agree more.

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