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Maria Sharapova Responds To Serena Williams’ Thinly Veiled Jab In Rolling Stone Interview (VIDEO)

“There are people who live, breathe and dress tennis. I mean, seriously, give it a rest …She begins every interview with ‘I’m so happy. I’m so lucky’ – it’s so boring…She’s still not going to be invited to the cool parties. And, hey, if she wants to be with the guy with a black heart, go for it.”

– Serena Williams on Maria Sharapova (we think)

Who’s the guy in question? Pro tennis slut Grigor Dimitrov. That’s who. And he’s dated Serena and now currently is in a thing with Sharapova. So, obviously, there’s a lot of non-tennis related stuff going on behind the scenes here.

But going after Sharapova, who seems like a total sweetheart, for being a total sweetheart is borderline bizarre. You’d think after winning the French Open she’d be more positive, especially heading into Wimbledon right around the corner. Apparently love/sex/boyfriend drama transcends all that. Don’t believe me? Put your girlfriend in the same room as one of your exes…

Oh, and this is Serena’s second beef of 2013, after a dust up with Sloan Stephens in March over some cryptic Twitter shit-talking. Ouch. Hate to say it, but it’s beginning to sounds like Serena is kind of a doo-doo head.

  • Seahawk
  • JTO

    I’m not sure where you gathered she blamed the victim for being assaulted but that would be misinformation. She said something to the extent that the young lady put herself into a position where the probability of being taken advantage of was heightened. Frankly, that’s the truth. Unfortunately, we live in a world where there are perpetrators. Knowing that, you have to take precautions and use judgment.

  • Seahawk

    I disagree, and apparently so did she, because she apologized profusely and recanted her statements: : “What happened in Steubenville was a real shock for me. I was deeply saddened. For someone to be raped, and at only sixteen, is such a horrible tragedy! For both families involved — that of the rape victim and of the accused. I am currently reaching out to the girl’s family to let her know that I am deeply sorry for what was written in the Rolling Stone article. What was written — what I supposedly said — is insensitive and hurtful, and I by no means would say or insinuate that she was at all to blame.

    “I have fought all of my career for women’s equality, women’s equal rights, respect in their fields — anything I could do to support women I have done. My prayers and support always goes out to the rape victim. In this case, most especially, to an innocent sixteen year old child.”

    We’ll see if she sues Rolling Stone for printing “what she (supposedly) said.”

  • heels1785

    Serena Williams is absolute filth, and proves it time and again. Hard to imagine that she is related to one of the classiest athletes in any sport, her sister Venus.

  • Seahawk

    Not sure if that’s sarcasm….

  • Twasoma Ffe

    Of course Maria is the “sweetheart” to a white supremerst. To the rest of us , Serena is still the one who has beaten the odds and won 16 g/slams and several Olympic Golds .Its kind of laughable to note that Jake O`Donell attempting to depict Serena as a ” doo-doo.head” . Results and reality proves that Serena is not only the most talented tenis player in recent history , she is also smarter than 10 blondes combined .

  • Twasoma Ffe

    You missed it buddy ! She apologized because that is the shortest and best way to close the discussion and focus on playing tenis at top level . Then it is left up to the intelligent to analyse what Serena really meant . While the rapist is always responsible for his crime , it can still be discussed why and how a 16 year girl got so drunk, putting her life at risk . While haters who have failed to beat her on court can judge Serena by one of her recent interviews , some of us will judge her by the many , many projects she has participated in , with the aim of supporting girls and women throught the World for more than 15 years .

  • lady t

    I have two teenage daughter myself I tell them if you put yourself in a position where something like this can happen when you add under age drinking !!!!!! and teenage boys that care as long as how drunk and sloppy you are as long as the girl is able to move a eye and they can say well she said yes. everyone should take something away from this and talk to their kids about under age drinking….as for Sharapova you really should not care. you should have been mad with your coach and father at the comments that made about you NOT BEING ABLE TO BEAT SERENA. to me you are a joke and will never be as good as the Williams !!!!!! Oh maybe when she stops playing oops that’s the only time you have win in 04 and when the were out with injury and I hope you are in the finals again and she beats you 6-0 6-0 that would be my wish for you just be a great loser …

  • Seahawk

    All I am doing is stating facts. I missed nothing.

  • Anonymous

    Sharpa is the mean, semi female creature. Williams kicks her/his butt, it rolls its eyes on the podium. Low class, Ruskie trash.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s see Sharpo, the arrogant pine tree, apologize for the rolling eyeballs when Serena blasts it, and it has to lurch into place behind the WINNER.


  • Anonymous

    Yes, Ruskie loving, anti American, anti women, freak lovers. Look at Sharpo’s parents’ heights & write that it didn’t use HGH to become a giant.

  • Anonymous

    Its a LOSER, period.

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