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Serena Williams Doesn’t Care All That Much For Tennis

This bit of news can’t be good for the game of tennis. To be honest, hearing that Serena Williams really has no love for the sport that’s treated her so well over the past 16 years comes as somewhat of a surprise. I realize that you don’t necessarily have to love what you do, but when your profession has treated you so well, to the tune of about $35 million in earnings, the least you can do is show it a little love. Right?

“I don’t love tennis today but I’m here,” Williams said after a first-round victory in the Brisbane International… “I can’t live without it — there’s a difference between not loving something and not being able to live without it.”

Williams admitted, on Monday, that she hasn’t really loved the sport in a long time. She also went on to say that she doesn’t really care all that much for sports in general or even working out.

Here’s video from the press conference. The quote in question comes at the 43-second mark:

To date, Williams has won 39 singles titles and 13 Grand Slam titles over her career. Imagine who many she could have won if she actually loved playing the game.

Then again, as my colleague Glenn Davis pointed out, tennis great Andre Agassi admitted his hatred for the sport in his 2009 autobiography . He wrote, “I play tennis for a living even though I hate tennis, hate it with a dark and secret passion and always have.” Maybe we’re missing something here?

[NESN, via Yahoo!]

  • Anonymous

    The fact that Serena does not like tennis has not been much of a secret for a very long time. She has been out of shape and listless for years now and the only reason she wins matches is because she’s bigger and hits harder than most of the women.  When she is ahead she looks totally bored and goes through the motions, but when her opponent shows some spark and beats up on her, Serena just gives in.  (See: U.S. Open 2011 final)

    I believe Serena hangs around because her “acting” career hasn’t worked out nor has her “designing” career, so what else will keep her in the spotlight . . . tennis.  Either that or she has run out of money because she and Venus support her large family of hangers on and she needs to continue to play for the money she gets from exhibitions, endorsements, etc.

    Her father said years ago that he hoped Serena and Venus would retire before they turned 30.  Guess that hasn’t worked out the way he thought.  Whatever!  Cry me a river.

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  • Jaclynmorris

    so you are saying she is fat thats how she wins. Because she is fat and hits the ball hard thats how she wins all her games, so i guess your saying skills didnt help her at all. Every femal isnt a size 0 , or 1. have you seen her in person to say that she is fat.  Just to let you know she hasnt won every game either. I thhink you have other issues with serena williams why dont you just be honest.  I didnt  know something is wrong with supporting your family even though her sister makes alot as well. She doesnt have to play tennis shes not broke. Im thinking you just rather not see any black women in this sport maybe im wrong but you sure seem mad hmm like she did something to you.        

  • rob

    I think what mslewis was saying is that Serena’s natural athleticism gives her a distinct edge over many of the other female players, allowing her to win  certain games against certain opponents without putting in the amount of preparation she once would have. Which I agree with. At her best she was near unbeatable but now she is a shadow of her former self and if money is not the motivating factor for her to take to the court then what is? She’s clearly not going out there to win otherwise she’d be putting in the work beforehand. She’s been at the top before so she knows what it takes to win tournaments.  Not just was the word fat not used by mslewis but there was also no mention of race so it’s difficult to understand why you brought these up at all.  Oh and for the record, I have seen her in person on more than one occasion over the last few years and though she’s not fat, she’s not exactly slim either and is certainly carrying more excess weight than when she was in her prime. this in itself is not a bad thing but for a professional athlete it doesn’t speak of someone who really cares about her job any more.

  • Anonymous

    While I don’t usually reply to ignorant people who post ignorant rants and who have problems with reading comprehension, I will reply to your ridiculous post:  (1) I did not once use the word “fat” in my post; (2) Yes, I have seen Serena in person since I am a tennis fan and I go to various cities in the U.S. at least a dozen times a year to see tennis matches in person; and (3) I am a Black woman and proud of it.  That’s all I have to say.  Go back to whatever it was you were doing before my post interrupted you.  I’m sure it was vitally important. And learn to spell!!!

  • Anonymous

    That is exactly what I was saying Rob and thank you for explaining it to the ignoramous.   I really think Serena was shocked when she returned to the tour after being gone for a year and she didn’t automatically win every match.  From that quote she just gave, I have a feeling she is finally realizing that she can’t just show up and win the way she used to.  Things are different now and most of the women on the tour are not afraid of her anymore since they can see how disinterested she looks out there.  If she doesn’t need the money then why is she still tormenting herself (and her fans) by going out and giving half-ass performances?  I just don’t get it.

  • Cynmarie

    I guess Serena winning her 14th Grand Slam title today proves that she doesn’t care about winning and doesn’t put in the work to do it! (sarcastic) She is 30 years old and has been playing professionally for 13 years. I am happy she has other interests because she can’t play forever. But believe this….no other player out there can come back after not winning a slam for 2 years and demolish these young ladies like Serena can. Serena wasn’t content to simply return, she is determined to rule again. When she wants to win, she has the skill, determination and will to win. 

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