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They Said What?

Paula Deen Isn’t Racist, Because She Bought Her Son Hank Aaron Pajamas

Paula Deen Racist Hank Aaron PajamasThe classic “I’m not racist, because…” A classy move. I’m not racist, because I have a Native American friend! I’m not racist, because fried chicken is tasty! I’m not racist, because I’d kill myself if I was black! (Wait, never mind.)

Paula Deen isn’t racist, because she bought her son Hank Aaron pajamas. All is forgiven. There are no flaws in this logic.

All pajama-wearers are allowed to use unlimited racial slurs, as is mentioned in the Bill of Your Rights To Be An Asshole.

Then Jamie told the story about the Hank Aaaron pajamas — explaining how when he was 7-years-old, he was a big Hammerin’ Hank fan … and before he had his tonsils removed his parents gave him some H.A. PJs.

Jamie says when his parents gave him the pajamas … they told him about the challenges Hank faced “because of his color” and explained that people deserved to be judged on their merits, not skin color.

It’s a shame our so-called “journalists” passed judgment on Paula without checking her son’s pajama history.


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  • bleedcoltsblue

    Question, How would Ms. Deen know ANYTHING about the challenges Hank faced ‘because of his color’?

    I mean other than the challenges her and the and Grand Dragon created :)

  • Bon

    I don’t get why she lost her job and is surounded by so much controversy. I understand people should say that but why doesn’t anybody get mad when Jay-Z or Lil Wayne says the n word? Shouldn’t that be duragatory too?

  • Swag Doctor (phD)

    This article is ignorant and hateful towards someone and more than likely hypocritical. EVERYONE has said the n word and the fact that we’re so bent on breaking human right’s boundaries and still stuck on this WORD is what I can’t get past. It’s a word. Gays can marry, women can get abortions without the father’s consent, and here we are; unable to get over a word that doesn’t hold the same meaning as it did 100 years ago. Let’s mature a little bit, society. Give her her damn job back.

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