The Farce Is Official: Mayweather And McGregor Will Fight Aug. 26

The Farce Is Official: Mayweather And McGregor Will Fight Aug. 26
  • Rick Chandler

It’s official: People will do anything for money. Those who buy this fight should be pushed into an active volcano — and come to think pf it, I’d pay to see that before I’d watch a UFC fighter’s bout under boxing rules.

It will be a boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor on Aug. 26 in Las Vegas, according to multiple sources. That day I’ll finally be seeing Wonder Woman, if it’s still in theaters. Your plans may vary. Yahoo Sports:

Terms of the deal were not available, but it will either be at the MGM Grand Garden or T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. The Nevada Athletic Commission on Wednesday approved the request from Mayweather Promotions to put on a boxing card on Aug. 26 at the MGM Grand. The venue could change, however, to T-Mobile Arena.

McGregor is reportedly getting a guaranteed $100 million payday, after PPV. Since he’s never made more than an estimated $8-$10 million on a UFC fight, we know why he’s doing this.

Mayweather? He’s retired, and could maintain his lifestyle on interest alone. But where’s the fun in that for a registered member of the Royal Society of Greedy Narcissists? Things you should know:

* This will be under boxing rules, which means that McGregor will be utterly outclassed. There are talented boxers who have worked their entire lives to master their craft, among them Oscar freaking De La Hoya, who have not been able to break the Mayweather code. Putting a UFC fighter in the ring with him is frankly an insult to both sports.

* Don’t bet on a first-round knockout. Mayweather will hold him up for a bit, so as not to anger the paying public. Then look for fireworks in the third or fourth round, as Mayweather looks to go out like Rocky beating Clubber Lang. It’s not often that a boxer gets to orchestrate his final fight.

* No real boxing fan will attend this. Look for a rogue’s gallery of B-list celebrities and Freddy Corleone types at ringside.

* I would love to see this fight under MMA rules, but because Floyd is at heart an uber-prudent invertebrate, this would never happen.

* The pre-fight press conference will be a thousand times more entertaining than the fight.

* Actually I would rather this fight happen on a New Orleans loading dock with the only rule being no gouging. That I would pay for.