5 Free Fantasy Football Draft Tools You Should Use

  • David Gonos

Free Fantasy Football Draft ToolsEveryone needs a little help once in a while, and you should welcome the help of these five fantastically free fantasy football draft tools.

Draft Wizard Mock Draft Tool

This tool is brilliant because you can do a one-man mock using all different league types and with the rankings or ADP of your choosing. You can also go back and revert a pick if you feel like you want to see what would have happened differently had you chosen someone else. Without question, this is the best free fantasy draft tool out there.

Scenario Calculator From FantasyFootballCalculator.com

You put in which pick you are targeting a specific fantasy player at, and the scenario calculator will figure out the odds if that player will be available to you when you pick. In other words, if I have the first pick in Round 8, there’s a 27-percent chance Maurice Jones-Drew will be there for me, but I have a 52-percent chance of getting rookie Terrance West.

FFToolbox.com’s Strength of Schedule

This looks at the NFL schedule for the 2014 season and it compiles the fantasy stats for each defense from the 2013 season, figuring out which teams allow the most/least points to each fantasy position. Then you can sort by position, and also filter by different parts of the season, like Weeks 1-5, or the fantasy playoffs, between Weeks 14-16. (Pssst … Arian Foster and the Houston Texans have the easiest schedule for running backs in the first five weeks of the season.)

FantasySportsNetwork.com’s Live TV Feed

This is the world’s first TV network for fantasy football fans, as well as an online video network. My buddy Nando Di Fino does a great job with them, as do everyone’s favorite RotoExperts, like Scott Engel and Adam Ronis.

FootballGuys.com’s Rate My Team Tool

This isn’t so much a draft tool, as it is an after-the-draft tool – kinda like my old brother-in-law, HOOOOO!!!! You’ll set your league’s settings, including the league size, scoring setup, starters and how many teams make the playoffs. Then you input the roster you just drafted, and voila! It tells you what your strengths and weaknesses are, including which assets you can trade, and what it thinks your odds of making the fantasy playoffs will be.

Hopefully, these free fantasy football draft tools will get you one step closer to a 2014 fantasy championship! Here are 33 more free fantasy football draft tools to consider!