$500,000 DraftKings 1-Day Fantasy Baseball Contest Could Make You Rich Overnight

DraftKings.com, the leader in daily fantasy sports, is upping the ante with the biggest 1-day fantasy contest of all time. $500,000 in prizes are up for grabs, with the first-place finisher walking away with a staggering $125,000. Imagine waking up $125,000 richer, just by picking a fantasy baseball team for one night’s games?

The contest goes live this Friday, July 19th, at 7:05pm ET. There’s no time to waste—get your entries in now. The top 600 entries are paid out, which means you have at least a 1 in 5 chance at cashing!

Daily fantasy baseball is similar to regular fantasy baseball, except you draft a new team every time you want to play. DraftKings assigns a salary to each player participating in that night’s games and allows you to draft the best possible team under their allotted salary cap. After you draft, you can follow the action live on DraftKings.com and watch the points (and money) pile up!

DraftKings is 100% legal. In 2006 the United States Federal Government specifically defined fantasy sports as a game of skill. The earning potential is both unlimited and straightforward, and the payouts are instantaneous. DraftKings is venture capital backed and based in the USA. These guys have deep pockets and are absolutely committed to providing users the best gaming experience on the web.

Hurry! Space is limited. Draft your team now.

Photo via Getty Images