A Bunch Of Nashville Bars Were Tapped Out Of Beer Because Bears Fans Love To Get Drunk

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Perhaps you’ve heard President Obama is in Chicago tonight, awaiting election results in his (kind of) native Illinois. Here’s another thing about Chicago, besides it being the former home of our president/guy-who-used-to-be-our-president-but-might-not-be-next-January: its citizens like to drink.

Not every Bears fan is a Bill Swerski superfan caricature, but let’s face it, most of them are. That must explain why they went to town on Nashville-area bars during and after their Bears put a beatdown on the Titans last Sunday. According to reports, the Paradise Park Trailer Resort had no more bottled beer by supper, and another watering hole had only two brands left.

Chicago Bears fans aren’t unlike any other contingent in the NFL (beer…beer beer beer beer), but daaaaa Bears fans know how to throw back a pint or two, or all of the pints in the bar because they’re drunk gluttons with thick mustaches. I’m just saying if you’re a barkeep, be careful if the Bears are coming to town.

[USA Today, photo via]