A Redditor Redesigned All 32 World Cup Jerseys And We’re Willing To Pay A Handsome Fee For Any Of Them

  • Jake O'Donnell

With the 2014 Brazil World Cup just three months away, it’s fair to ask the internet, “Where the hell are all the new national team kits we’ll be seeing in June?” Good question — they’re mostly here (and included in the slideshow below). Our overall impression of this year’s crop of uniforms is pretty good. Italy managed to put cool little accent buttons all over their jerseys, while France went with the henley look. Germany, on the other hand, has ditched the green alternates in favor of a very interesting black and red wide-striped look, which is as novel as it is intimidating.

Oh, and the Japanese have an electric green away get-up they could play in the dark with (Spain opts for neon green piping on their aways).

Otherwise, they’re pretty mundane (unless collars really light your fire). But fear not, graphic designer Rojito is here to spice things up with some redesigns — most of which are cooler than their real world counterparts. Our favorite has got to be either Ecuador’s mind-bending checker pattern or England’s Man United-esque plaid knit-look. Are they a bit ridiculous? Of course, which is why they’re fun to argue about amongst your sports-fashion conscious friends at work. Let us know which real (and redesigned) unis are your favorites, below…