You Know You Want To Buy Bernie Williams’ Enormous Westchester Mansion For $3.5 Million

  • Eric Goldschein

When he’s not being a Yankee legend or laying down smooth jazz guitar riffs, Bernie Williams is living it up in his ritzy, beautiful mansion in North Castle, NY. For now, at least: the former center fielder is looking to sell this place for $3.5 million.

Now, I’m not a real estate broker, but this seems like a steal to me. It’s not gaudy like certain other houses belonging to former New York outfielders, and it has everything:

-Six bedrooms
-Six bathrooms
-Three fireplaces
-Recording studio
-Forty minute drive from Yankee Stadium

A stately Colonial built in 1999, over 8,000 square feet, and former home to Bernie freakin’ Williams? Sign me up. Anybody got $3.5 million I can borrow, interest-free?