Cabeção The Turtle Is This Year's Answer to Paul The Octopus

  • Igor Mello

The World Cup tends to bring out the psychic in animals. In 2010, Paul the Octopus successfully predicted 11 of 13 games in the World Cup, including the final between Spain and Netherlands. This year’s answer to Paul is a turtle named Cabeção – meaning “big head” in Portuguese. On Tuesday, Cabeção predicted a Brazil win in the opening game of the tournament on Thursday in São Paulo, according to O Globo.

Unlike Paul the Octopus, the loggerhead turtle has no background in predicting matches. Paul predicted matches since Euro 2008. Cabeção lives in Praia do Norte, which is not too far away from where the Croatian team – Brazil’s first opponent – has been training for the tournament. He had the choice of eating a fish hung from a Brazilian flag and one hung from a Croatian flag, as well as a fish in between the two for a draw. Brazil is favorite to win the tournament, so don’t be surprised if you see more of Cabeção around, especially if he keeps predicting games correctly.

Still, Cabeção will never come close to the magical match-predicting octopus that became a sensation in 2010.