Coolest. Thing. Ever: Daft Punk Had A Lotus Made That Looks Like Them And It’s Competing In The Monaco Grand Prix

  • Jake O'Donnell

Daft Punk is blowing up right now. Let’s hope that’s rhetorical and not foreshadowing for the Lotus they’ve entered the in The Monaco Grand Prix.

If you aren’t a billionaire or celebrity or famous musician or incredibly good-looking or just really sneaky, you’ve probably never been to the race. It’s more or less the most exclusive, decadent sports party on the face of the Earth, as Formula One cars rip through the narrow streets of the über rich city/country.

As if that wasn’t cool enough, Daft Punk — who incidentally always dress like Formula One drivers — have had a car fashioned in their unique stylistic image, and stand over the Lotus pit like Sith Lords at a Pod race. Words cannot express how cool these images are. Especially in contrast with what you’re probably doing right now, which is some sort of family BBQ with Toto’s “Africa” playing from a Bose Waveradio.