Touching Moment As High School Basketball Team Allows Disabled Opponent To Score

  • Joe Levine

Mitchell Marcus of El Paso, Texas, is the developmentally disabled team manager for his high school basketball team, the Coronado Thunderbirds. But for one moment, he was given the opportunity to be the star player on the team.

You’ve probably heard this story before: the disabled team manager is rewarded for his hard work by being allowed to play in a game and inevitably makes a good play or even scores. But the story never gets old.

In this edition, Mitchell Marcus got a little help from the opposition.

Marcus was asked to play with just two minutes remaining and the Thunderbirds holding a double-digit lead against rival Franklin High School. His teammates kept feeding Marcus the ball several times, but he kept missing the basket or turning it over.

Finally, Jonathon Montanez, a Franklin senior, gave Marcus just one more shot, calling him over and handing him the ball under the basket with just seconds remaining. And, of course, Marcus finally scored.

Coronado won the game by 15 points, but the emotion of Marcus’ basket prompted the crowd to storm the court, cheering his name and raising him onto their shoulders in a real life Rudy moment.

Said Marcus’ mother Amy, “I think I’ll cry about it for the rest of my life.”

Watch the touching video via CBS News:

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