It’s Important That You Know Demaryius Thomas And Eric Decker Call Themselves “Black And Decker”

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Rick Reilly doesn’t do many things well for us nowadays, but unearthing the amazing nickname Broncos receiving duo Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker have for themselves counts for something (via SB Nation):

There’s been a lot to talk about. How Thomas went from 32 catches for 551 yards with Tebow (and Kyle Orton) at QB last year to 94 catches for 1,434 yards with Manning this year. How thrilled he is to finally make it through a regular season without getting hurt (he says it’s the praying). And how a white teammate from the far north, Eric Decker, has become best friend to a black kid from Georgia. (“Black and Decker,” they like to call themselves.)

This is just all full of win. But please, go ahead and ruin it, Rick Reilly.

It’s also helped that wherever Manning seems to throw it, Black and Decker find the tools to pull it in.

GOOD ONE. Now what was this column about again? Oh right, about how amazing it is that a white wide receiver — who flies his mom in for every game and has a fiancee who is a country singer — is the same dimensions as and is best friends with his fellow receiver. Except that guy is black, his mom had him when she was 15 and she is currently serving two decades in prison for conspiracy to possess and distribute cocaine. Classic 21st century case of a white guy being able to be friends with a black guy.

After speculating about when Thomas’ mother would get out of prison and be able to watch her son in person, Reilly actually ended the column perfectly:

He’s dreamed of that day: bringing her to the game, where she’ll sit, how often he’ll look at her, and she at her Bey-Bey.

“Both of them,” he says, referring to his grandmother as well. “I’d love to get both of them to a game someday. That would be … wow. That’s going to be a happy day.”

And then he ended it again, Reillyly:

Some Christmas gifts you get a little late.

Still, Black and Decker.

[ESPN via SB Nation, Getty Images]