Ew: WBA Cruiserweight Boxer Denis Lebedev’s Eye Swells To Epic Proportions (SLIDESHOW)

  • Jake O'Donnell

Denis Lebedev’s eye got the shit kicked out of it by Guillermo Jones on Friday in Moscow. But that didn’t stop Don King from triumphantly raising his arm as if he’d won (after he’d been KO’d against the ropes in the 11th round). Despite his eye looking like something out of Area 51, the fight was allowed to continue — a controversial no-call that dominated social media during and after the WBA crusierweight title bout.

Anatomically speaking, swelling is the build up of fluid under the skin. Either blood, or in Denis Lebedev’s case, a combination of blood, sweat, and tears. By the looks of it, the area around his eye protruded one to two inches. Guess he’ll have to push back those glamour shots.


Photos via Getty, H/T HuffPostSports