Yes, This Is Gilbert Arenas And Nick Young With A Topless Mermaid (Sorta-SFW)

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Last we mentioned Gilbert Arenas, we were showing you his shark-tank-infested mansion. Now, he’s with Nick Young and a topless mermaid. Seems like a natural progression.

Gilbert Arenas Nick Young Topless Mermaid Censored

Via The Big Lead:

Gilbert Arenas and Nick Young seemed to be thrilled to take this photo with a topless mermaid. Laura Govan, the mother of Gilbert’s children, posted this picture to Instagram Sunday afternoon with the following caption:

@swaggyp1 @gilbertarenas0 so I see UR a** was having a good time lmao ….
I like how she posted a topless photograph of a woman, but censored “ass.” You know, in case any kids are following her on Instagram.

If you want to see the Instagram of “Laura Govan Mother Sister Friend …. In that Order!!! Bravo – I Dream of NeNe VH1’s – Basketball Wives: LA,” someone who takes pictures with Ludacris and somehow has over 300,000 followers, well, check out her Instagram. And then go vote or something becauase you’ll feel dirty that this woman appears to be “famous.”