Goal Scoring Is Up At The 2014 World Cup

  • David Young


Before the quarterfinals have even been played, there have already been more goals at this World Cup (154) than in the entire 2010 tournament in South Africa (145). And if you’d like to see them all, here you go (you’re welcome):

That video comes from ESPNFC, where they also broke them down by category (Run of Play, Set Pieces, Penalties, Headers, and Own Goals).

Britain’s “The Telegraph” took a stab at figuring out why scoring is up and had five hypotheses. However, two of their reasons are the most likely suspects: warmer weather means more offense, and there are more experienced teams in this year’s tournament. However, I think they’re also forgetting about that goofy, unpredictable Jabulani ball that had a mind of its own when kicked.

Unpredictable Jabulani Ball

But now that we’re down to the top 16 teams, don’t look for any more blowouts or high-scoring games.

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