Great Job, Or Greatest Job? Dude Hired To Travel World And Rate Water Slides

  • Rick Chandler

Getting paid to test water slides all summer is a job I invented in my head when I was 12, but I never thought it could be a real thing. Meet Seb Smith. He beat out 2,000 other applicants to actually get this job: he’ll spend the summer traveling the world to visit water slides and rate them. Salary? About $31,500. Must provide own trunks.

UK resort marketer First Choice offered the position this past January, and as one might expect, there was quite a bit of interest. Smith won the position by first submitting a YouTube audition video, in which he tested a regular kiddie slide and then was doused with a bucket of water at the bottom. (See it below).

He then won a slide-off with four other finalists (details are hazy) to claim the job.

Smith, 22, from England, will get around-the-world travel expenses in addition to his salary, plus a seven-day free vacation at a First Choice resort. His contract is for six months, and will take him to the company’s SplashWorld slides in Europe, Egypt, Tunisia and Thailand. But the most amazing thing about this story is that First Choice has had this position for four years, and the previous water slide tester is giving it up. You foolish, foolish man.

The previous Slide Tester, Tommy Lynch, held the post for four years, and called it the “best job in the world,” reports the Mirror. “Getting to check out the flumes is by far the best bit. But there is a serious side and it carries a lot of responsibility,” he told the paper.

Now that he is leaving the position for another job, his successor will rate the rides across First Choice’s 20 properties in Europe and North Africa.

Lynch is either tired of wrinkled fingertips or getting married.

Water slide tester: a proud and ancient occupation: