Happy Fathers Day To Sports 8 Most Epically Deadbeat Dads!

  • Jake O'Donnell

There aren’t any rules the specify how many different mothers your kids can have, but suffice it to say 10 is on high side. Does this make you a bad father? Not necessarily, but it certainly shows a lack of, um, family planning. And I’d imagine knowing your entire existence is a complete and utter accident doesn’t feel too good. Actually, fuck that, having a bunch of kids with random women makes you a terrible father AND person. Athletes just love unprotected sex. Damn. Let’s see how bad it gets, shall we?

8) Larry Johnson: 5 kids, 4 women
Looks like “grandma ma” is also “dad”. Talk about a 4 point play! (Let’s assume for the sake of that joke that they were all conceived at the same time)

7) Ray Lewis: 5 kids, 5 women
And one is named Raven. No joke. At least he’s pay homage to the organization that’s paying for her child support.

6) Shawn Kemp: 7 kids, 6 women
Apparently, the number could be as high as 11 kids, but Shawn could slip away with the best of em, so there’s no way of knowing. Here’s one that he can’t escape responsibilty for: Shawn Kemp Jr., who plays forward for the University of Washington.

5) Antonio Cromartie: 7 kids, 6 women
Why he let this get on tape only reinforces how big a shit head this dude is.

4) Jason Caffey: 10 kids, 8 women
You may not know who Jason Caffey is, and neither do his children. But the municipality of Atlanta, GA, does. And dude went to jail because making $11M a year for the bucks in 2002 still could meet his child support payments.

3) Travis Henry: 11 kids, 10 women
Not sure how this kind of ratio happens. How do you manage to have only one child with each woman? Aren’t twins bound to happen? How do you not just accidentally concieve another child with the same woman twice? Like, did they just pop out a baby and never speak again? Oh, ya, that’s what happened. Nevermind.

2) Evander Holyfield: 11 kids, 10 women
Luckily this guy has two bowling alleys in his home so that each child can grow up normally. (Guess what happened to that house: Foreclosed, can you believe it?) Apparently there’s a correlation between financial planning and family planning.

1) Calvin Murphy: 14 kids, 9 women
Ya, it gets worse. Apparently he molested a whole bunch of them. Awful.