Four Hofstra Basketball Players Were Arrested For Robbing Their Head Coach

  • Dylan Murphy

A string of unsolved break-ins and robberies from October 4th – November 5th at the campus of Hofstra University has been solved, and the culprits are four players from the Hofstra men’s basketball team. Jimmy Hall, Shaquille Stokes, Dallas Anglin and Kentrell Washington were the four players arrested for allegedly breaking into dorm rooms on campus and stealing cash, computers and other items.

Though the players have been suspended from the university pending the outcome of the legal proceedings, there’s little chance they’ll return to the team – probably because they robbed their head coach, Mo Cassara.

“Four Hofstra University basketball players were arrested on burglary charges stemming from a string of break-ins on campus — and the alleged court-side crooks even robbed their coach’s house, police said Friday.


Stokes was charged with five counts of second-degree burglary; Washington was charged with two counts of second-degree burglary; Hall was charged with four counts of second degree burglary; and Anglin was charged with one count of second-degree burglary and one count of tampering with physical evidence.”

Hall is the team’s second leading scorer, Stokes is a starter and both Anglin and Washington were role players off the bench – all of which means the 3-4 team will get much worse very fast.

Though “College Players Steal Some Laptops” is hardly a new headline, the whole robbing your head coach thing is definitely a new wrinkle. An idiotic one at that, since Cassara would have been the only person at the university willing and possibly (however unlikely) able to bail his players out. On the bright side, at least their take was more than, say, three dollars.