Hope Solo Married Jerramy Stevens Hours After He Was Arrested For Domestic Abuse

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Early Tuesday morning, former NFL player Jerramy Stevens was arrested for alleged domestic abuse against his fiance, U.S. Women’s Soccer Team goalie Hope Solo. Stevens was released after a judge found no probable cause for his abusing Solo. The couple was set to marry on Tuesday, and the altercation reportedly stemmed from an argument over where they would live.

Well, they’re still gonna have to work that out, because the couple went ahead and got married.

According to Seattle-area radio jockey Dave Mahler, the couple tied the knot anyway. I guess it makes sense, considering all they had to do was walk across the courthouse.

Seems kind of odd that they would go along with the marriage as planned, no? Then again, famous people, namely athletes, do odd things. Stevens has a history of getting into trouble with the law and Solo has faced abuse in the past (plus, she was conceived in a prison, BANE STYLE!), so perhaps they know how to shrug these things off and just get on with the show. Doesn’t seem like the kind of thing a marriage should be predicated on, but I’ve never been married, so what do I know?

Apparently it was a heartwarming affair.

Good for them, I guess.

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