For The Kansas City Chiefs, Membership Has Its Privileges

  • David Young

Chiefs Members

According to ABC27 in Kansas City, the usual NFL franchise will sell about 45,000 season tickets per year. However, the Chiefs will sell more than 60,000 for the 2014-15 season. What’s the secret for a team riding an eight game playoff losing streak, including last year’s 45-44 debacle against Indy where they gave up 38-10 second half lead? It’s all in a word.

The holders of Chief’s season tickets are not Season Ticket Holders, but Season Ticket Members. Chiefs Members get a free personalized jersey for each ticket. They get discounts on game-day memorabilia and food. They also are part of a frequent attender program. And in return, members get to watch a team that slogged through a 2-14 season as recently as two years ago.

Other teams in the NFL are taking note. The Cowboys have a similar program as do the Jets. In fact, the Jets take it a step further. If the fans are loud and cause the other team to fumble, the fans get loyalty points (God know the Jets D won’t do it). Even the MLB’s lowly Padres and the NBA’s Hawks are treating their fans as members, with the latter offering a town hall meeting with GM Danny Ferry (Jeez, what’s second prize? Two town halls with Ferry?)

So the next time your NFL team asks you if you’re interested in being a season-ticket holder. Say, “No, but I wouldn’t mind being a member of the team. Bitch.”

David Young has been a columnist for ESPN and Sports Illustrated, and is now a member of Follow him on Twitter