INFOGRAPHIC: Which Sports Are The Sportiest Sports?

  • Jake O'Donnell

Posted to Reddit’s survey subreddit, /r/SampleSize/, this graph breaks down which sports are considered the sportiest (or which sports people do not consider sports at all). Depends on how you look at it, we guess. Kind of a glass half-full scenario.

NOTE: Major team sports like basketball, baseball, soccer, football, and hockey are not included.

Not surprisingly, boxing received the most votes (hard to ague with “fighting” as a sport), while darts got the controversial edge over cheerleading. The real shocker is that chess is considered more of a sport than competitive eating — which actually involves physical training.

Oh, and this should piss off plenty of NASCAR fans: 36 sports are consider “sportier” than stock car racing. Ouch. “Sports” like disc golf and dodgeball and kickball. And F1.

Double ouch.

[Via Imgur]