The Frontrunner For Top “How The Hell Is He 13?” Honors At The Little League World Series: This Kid

  • Evan Sporer

Getting to travel to Williamsport and play in the Little League World Series has gotta be one of the coolest experiences for a 12 or 13 year old kid. Just a youngster, hoping to one day make it to the big leagues… but in the meantime, you get to participate in an international tournament that’s aired on ESPN.

But by God, even in spite of that excitement: 15 other teams’ worth of players are cowering in fear over Japan’s 6-foot, 206-pound man-child Kotaro Kiyomiya.

This kid is an absolute tank. A 13-year-old who can apparently touch 80 miles per hour on his fastball, and, told ESPN before the game that he hit 60 home runs in 50 Little League games leading up to this tournament.

Can you just imagine being some small child from Parsippany, New Jersey, maybe like under five feet tall, and just seeing this monster? You’d probably pee your pants. You’d probably tell your coach you have a hangnail and can’t play. Because I don’t care who you are – when you’re standing 46 feet away from the mound and the ball is coming in at 80 miles per hour, it’s scary business.

In 2 2/3 hitless innings against Curacao today, he recorded seven strikeouts. Of course he did.