Jen Selter Turns 21 This Weekend, So We're Celebrating By Selecting Her 21 Hottest Instagram Pics

  • Jake O'Donnell

Don’t act like you aren’t familiar with the goddess of Instagram…ALL the cool kids are talking about her (specifically, her #glorious buttcheeks). With about four million followers — including just about every professional athlete in America — the Long Island native is one of the most popular butts people on the social media service.

Now she’s turning 21 and everyone’s invited to celebrate with her! Woo-hoo! (At one of New York’s most Long Islandy venues, Tao. Duh.) Selter put the invite up on her Instagram yesterday, where it promptly received an appropriately dirty 69k.

Most of her posts receive upwards of 250k likes. Here’s 21 reasons why: