When You Thought He Couldn’t Possibly Get Any Worse, Tiger Woods Sinks A 91-Foot Putt (And Totally Redeems Himself)

  • Jake O'Donnell

Heading into the Cadillac Championship at Doral (not be confused with the “Cadillac of Championships,” which would be the Masters) Tiger Woods had spent much of 2014 sucking. Bad. Posting “worst ever” numbers at places like Torrey Pines (79) and the Omega Dubai Classic (finished 41st), word was starting to circulate that his back issues could be of Larry Bird-proportions…

…and then he goes and sinks the PGA’s longest putt in five years (91′ 7″). Pfff, and you were about to sell him for an old moped.

He’s currently tied for 30th with a 76. Queue up the Dumb and Dumber clip, Johnny…

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