Keith Olbermann Reminds Us: The First Guy To Use PEDs (Injections Of Mashed Up Monkey Glands) Is Now In The Hall Of Fame

  • Eric Goldschein

olbermann monkey glandsIt’s been a great couple of weeks for bending and sometimes breaking the rules of sports. Whether you can’t believe the idiocy of a spilled soda cup or are sick and tired of hearing the various back-and-forths of the convoluted A-Rod steroid scandal, we’ve got the perfect video to sum it all up: “Everything You Enjoy About Sports Was Cheating” by Keith Olbermann.

Below, you’ll see Olbermann argue that everything you like about sports was, at one point, against the rules of the game. And just as history tends to repeat itself, a lot of the “gamesmanship” we’ve seen recently as has been done before. The best example? The first guy to use PEDs in baseball proudly admitted that he injected himself with “mashed up monkey glands,” and now that pitcher is enshrined in the Hall of Fame forever.

It’s a thought-provoking watch, and a good way to start your weekend. Enjoy: