Lingerie Football League Coach And Ex-NFL WR Gary Clark Made Stirring Halftime Speech

  • Ricky Boebel

The Lingerie Football League is about one thing: winning. It’s not about the abundent amount of cleavage or eyeliner use, it’s about Lingerie Bowls. Former Redskins wide receiver and Baltimore Charm coach Gary Clark knows this and he let his players have it when the Charm fell behind at halftime.

It must be a hard transition for a coach to make from playing with hyper aggressive male football players to coaching part-time models. Do you think NFL coaches ever have to tell players to “move around” more? To be fair, it’s actually good advice considering that most Lingerie Football League fans want to see is a little movement.

Surprisingly, the speech worked and the Baltimore Storm went on to win and make the postseason.

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