True Test Of Fandom: Would You Be Cool With Your Wife Wearing A Wedding Dress Made Of Replica Jerseys?

  • Glenn Davis

It’s nothing new for weddings to incorporate sports in some way. Weddings at stadiums happen all the time. But just as some weddings in general go above and beyond the norm in terms of flourishes and money spent (mostly money spent), sometimes the sports connection transcends the venue and instead reaches a much deeper, more personal level.

And that brings us to the case of Karen Bell. She and her new husband are big fans of football club Manchester City. How big? Well…

Clearly, this is no ordinary wedding dress, but what is it specifically? Well, it’s a wedding dress made of Bell’s husband’s old Man City jerseys. If you’re wondering how someone – even a couple as obsessed with Man City as Bell and groom Simon – could deviate from traditional wedding garb so dramatically, this line from Karen should be about all you need to know:

“We wanted to do something different because we have both been married before.”

And yes, making the dress (which, though a jarring sight thanks to the huge logo, still looks more toned-down and wedding-like than one could reasonably expect it to) took a significant effort: Karen said she was “at the sewing machine six nights a week” for three weeks. But as Dirty Tackle’s Ryan Bailey says, it was a commitment from both sides – after all, Simon was the one who had to part with the jerseys. Of course, that probably also made it easy on guests when it came time to pick his wedding present.