Unable To Sell It For $29 Million $21 Million, Michael Jordan Is Auctioning Off His Massive Illinois Compound

  • Eric Goldschein

jordan mansion auctionBack in July, we noted that Michael Jordan had just cut $8 million off the asking price for his Highland Park, IL mansion. Originally asking $29 million, Jordan was willing to settle for less than his jersey number [in millions] just to get the house off his hands.

Well, nobody jumped at the chance to make the sprawling basketball palace their own, so now it’s on the auction block. On Nov. 22, as long as you have $250,000 to put down as a deposit, you can bid on Jordan’s nine-bedroom, fifteen-bathroom house. There’s no minimum bid, however, so it’s possible that this place will go for a fraction of the original asking price. Finally, Jordan will lose at something!

According to the Wall Street Journal, Jordan doesn’t need this place anymore because his kids are grown up — and also because he has houses in Florida, Utah and North Carolina. Not bad.

Check the place out, in case you need a reminder (photos via realtor.com):