Watch An MMA Fighter Tell The Story Of How He Fractured His Penis, If You Dare

  • Glenn Davis

MMA fighter Ray Elbe has a story to tell. Consider this your first warning that it is not a pleasant story. Oh, sure, it starts as a sex story, and who doesn’t love a good one of those? But it quickly stops being about that and becomes the story of an injury. “Oh, MMA fighter gets hurt,” never heard that one before,” you sneer.

To which we say: just you wait. Elbe suffered an injury you might never have heard of before… and if you have heard of it, you probably wish you never had. See, this injury wasn’t sustained during the fight – it happened during the aforementioned sex. Astute SportsGrid readers might have seen when we made a note of it in yesterday’s link roundup, but that was before we were aware of video of Elbe breaking the whole thing down himself. So, without further ado, Ray Elbe on the time he fractured his penis. Not for the faint of heart, obviously:

And a catheter to top it all off. Necessary, obviously, but one more unpleasant insult to injury. If you would like more information on penile fractures, though we’re not sure why, (WARNING: link is graphic) you can go here. And if you’d like to enjoy gawk in horror at the blood left in the wake of the penile fracture/passing out from bleeding/chin injury and chipped teeth in resulting fall incident, well, Elbe helpfully posted this photo. SFW, but again, not for those who don’t like large amounts of blood:

He also answered many understandable fan questions about the injury here. Ray, we wish both you and your penis the very best.

[Bloody Elbow via Busted Coverage]