Guy With World’s Largest Biceps Says World’s Largest Biceps Aren’t Fake

  • Glenn Davis

A while back, we posted a video of a guy named Moustafa Ismail. The reason: Ismail had just captured the Guinness world record for largest biceps (warning: video auto-plays), measuring 31 inches. These biceps are, to be frank, freaky-looking, and almost as soon as we posted the video came comments deriding the biceps as fake. The most common theory among the doubters: they were the work of synthol, an oil some inject to give the appearance of muscle. The post is two months old, and it still gets comments, most of which say some variation of “SYNTHOL FAKEFAKEFAKE.”

Well, safe to say Ismail heard the doubters. And now he’s out with another video, one that (of course) showcases the arms, shows him lifting weights (which the original video didn’t, and could presumably ease a bit of the skepticism about his arms)… and a bit of self-defense, with Ismail saying he went through a battery of tests and came up clean:

It wont surprise you that almost as soon as that video was posted, the comments section below the video on YouTube was inundated with comments that said some variation of “SYNTHOL FAKEFAKEFAKE.” They weren’t convinced by his denial or his lifting… and we’d guess the fact that Ismail doesn’t look buff except for his upper arms didn’t help his case either. Oh well. You do you, Moustafa, whatever that may be. But if it is synthol, might want to give that Guinness record up – if Guinness doesn’t do that itself.

[The Turnstile]