Ndamukong Suh Was Voted The NFL’s Dirtiest Player For The Second Year In A Row

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Hey! Poll-happy America! Here’s another Sporting News NFL player survey to pass the time. This edition asked NFL players who the dirtiest player on the gridiron was and not surprisingly, Ndamukong Suh took home the title for the second year running.

With 32 votes, Suh won(?) by a wide margin over second-dirtiest player Richie Incognito, who only scored 19. No surprises as the list went on, as Cortland Finnegan and James Harrison rounded out the top four. Normally, this would be a pretty inglorious list to find yourself on, but are these the last of the old school, hard-nosed footballers left in the NFL? Maybe, but they are dirty nonetheless, making this list thoroughly boring.

Still, some of the anonymous testimonials are good for a laugh. Take this anonymous NFC defensive player:

“Ndamukong Suh. I mean, the step-on and the choke and the kick and the arm bar. Enough said, right?”

Or this other NFC defensive player, who had some not-so-kind words about the NFL’s second dirtiest player:

“Richie Incognito. I’ve seen a couple of plays on a D-lineman where (Incognito) is trying to roll up his ankle while he’s trying to get him off him. Crap like that is not needed in this game.”

This next NFC offensive player had a few choice words about Finnegan. When he says Finnegan will touch you everywhere, surely he means more than just the facemask, nudgenudgewinkwink:

“Cortland Finnegan. That guy will grab you everywhere … in the facemask, everything. He’s just nasty.”

If you have been touched by Cortland Finnegan, please do not hesitate to contact a superior who will handle the situation appropriately.

[Sporting News, Getty Images]