Here Are 8 Photos That Will Make You Want To Go To The Running Of The Bulls Next Year (And A Few That Won’t)

  • Eric Goldschein

running of the bulls party

Today was the bloodiest day of the Running of the Bulls (a yearly event in Pamplona, Spain) so far, with three runners finding themselves on the wrong end of the horns. One of the victims was a 20-year-old American who lost his spleen. There are some horrific, graphic images here, if you’re so inclined.

But don’t let one three freak instances of people running directly in front of bulls being gored by said bulls freak you out. A mere 15 fatalities have been reported since record-keeping began in 1924. Gulp.

Seriously though, if Rex Ryan can do it, you can too. Plus, there’s plenty about the festival of San Fermín, which includes the “encierro” (or “running”), for people of all ages to enjoy. Check it out (WARNING: Some of these photos are NSFW, for reasons of scariness and boobs):


All photos via Getty