A New Report Says Qatar’s World Cup Workers Are Being Treated Like “Slaves.” How Believable Is It?

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Qatar, buyers winners of the rights to host the 2022 World Cup, are reportedly treating their workers like slaves. There’s tons of work to do to get the city World Cup ready, and apparently, slave labor is their chosen method. Reportedly, organizers have until the end of the month to grant better working conditions. Important to note here: the latest news comes from notorious German tabloid Bild (known for, among other things, “tripe, trash, [and] tits“), so take the report with a grain of salt. But the Guardian, a very reliable British newspaper, published an article two months ago that forecasted these conditions, so there’s much reason to believe the report – or at the very least take it seriously.

From Bild, through Google Translate:

The foreign workers (mostly from Nepal and Philippines) get a pittance of less than one euro per hour (78 cents), live in far too narrow rooms, some at 50 degrees without a working air conditioner. Often they can not leave Qatar because employers have taken from them their passports.

For the record, Qatar is an expensive country to live in.

ITUC (International Trade Union Confederation) communications director Tim Noonan yesterday told BILD: “Despite all the promises, Qatar has not moved. We will begin in the coming weeks, a global campaign to put pressure on Fifa. Both the national football associations and link directly to the FIFA headquarters in Zurich. This is about life and death for many people. “

Just your daily reminder that FIFA is corrupt and President Sepp Blatter makes Roger Goodell and Gary Bettman look like Gandhi.

[Bild via Dirty Tackle]

Photo via Bild