Rajon Rondo Was Insightful And Refreshing As A Color Commentator During The Bulls-Celtics Game

  • Eric Goldschein

Rajon Rondo doesn’t play in back-to-back games as he continues to rehab from last year’s knee injury. So instead of sitting on the bench with the rest of his not-very-good team, he did the color commentary alongside CSNNE’s Mike Gorman for the first half of last night’s Bulls-Celtics game.

And you know what? He was excellent.

Sure, he’s not as expressive or excited as some of the other great color commentators of the day (Bill Raftery and Chris Webber are two of my favorites for their ability to blend knowledge and humor). But he provided another layer of analysis that even former players sometimes fail to reach, describing in detail the kinds of plays both coaches and each player likes to run.

Below are the highlights from his time in the booth. The breakdown of Brad Stevens’ misdirection play at the 4:19 mark is particularly good:

Benny the Bull is kind of a jerk though:

Though we want to see Rondo on the court for many years to come, we can now look forward to the day that he sits behind a desk full-time, telling us things we didn’t even know we wanted to hear.


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