Incredibly, Tom Watson Still Considering Tiger Woods For The Ryder Cup Team

  • Rick Chandler

Tom Watson quote of the week: “I’d be a fool not to consider him.”

It’s not enough that Tiger Woods is crash landing on golf courses all over the nation since his back surgery in March. Now he wants to take all of the U.S. down with him. Ryder Cup captain Watson says that Tiger has asked to be chosen for the team, and Watson is saying that if Tiger is healthy, he will.

So in other words, if Tiger wants to play in the Ryder Cup, Tiger gets what he wants.

“Tiger said to me: ‘I want you to pick me,’” Watson said. “I will continue to speak with Tiger over the next three weeks to monitor his situation. He has not been playing well but I think it’s been a result, as you well know, of his injury and his coming back from back surgery.

“The most important thing is his health. I’ve said it consistently all the way through the issue with Tiger. If he’s healthy and is playing well, I’ll pick him.”

The problem is that there are only three tournaments remaining between now and the Ryder Cup, and Tiger isn’t playing in any of them. So we’re basing this decision on, what, Tiger playing in his backyard?

Yes. Watson:

“I think it really directly comes from Tiger, how he assesses himself, because Tiger, he has a directness to him,” Watson said. “He’s just like me. I’m direct and he’s direct. The main thing is I can’t really assess his medical condition and I honestly can’t assess how he’s playing. It really is going to have to come from information from Tiger himself.

America is behind you, Tiger!

I’m not saying that Tiger is finished*, but any substantial comeback will clearly take time: it ain’t going to happen in three weeks. Tiger is a mess right now: he can’t even play 18 holes. He tried to come back too soon and it screwed with him both mentally and physically.

Plus, there’s more at play here than just the injury. Don’t forget that he hasn’t won a major since 2009, so on what are the “Tiger of old will be back” people basing their assumptions? It’s one thing to watch him struggle around the course and miss the cut at a PGA event, but it’s quite another to see him help take the U.S. team down with him. The big question is, when are we going to let Tiger go? He doesn’t know when to quit, so it’s up to the rest of us to figure it out.

* = He’s finished.