Reggie Bush Calls Buffalo Women Ugly, Is Probably Right

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Miami Dolphin Reggie Bush knows a thing or two about attractive women. He plays in Miami after all, where there are quite a few of them, and he once bedded Kim Kardashian. The fare in Buffalo, NY, however, is another story, at least according to Bush. On the Paul and Young Ron radio show, he partook in a little banter with the hosts about the ladies on the Great Lakes.

People really just don’t like the city of Buffalo. I went to school in upstate New York and the natives — of both genders — are without a doubt homelier than your average human being. It’s not a totally unfounded accusation, but methinks Reggie has more important things to be focusing on after getting benched only a few days ago in Miami’s egg-laying against the Titans.

Also, leave it to Miami sports radio hosts to immediately steer their interview with the Dolphins’ star offensive player towards boobs. Boobs, boobs, and more boobs. And if Paul and Young Ron are those two guys in the heading of their web page, they don’t look like they have a place teasing Buffalo women. They’ve probably eaten one or two.

[via Shutdown Corner, Getty Images]